Terms and Conditions

Make a reservation.

Follow the directions on the website, mobile site or app or as advised to make a reservation.

Your reservation is not transferable. You cannot transfer or resell your reservation (in whole or in part) or advertise a room at Bed and Breakfast Uden-Zuid or otherwise offer it, and if you do transfer or resell your reservation (or try to transfer or resell) , we may cancel your reservation and keep the money paid for such reservation. Resold or transferred reservations may not be honored and we accept no liability in this regard. In addition, we may refuse any future reservations made by you.

You must ensure that the name on the reservation is correct at the time of booking as we will not change the name on the reservation afterwards.

We only require and accept the name of one guest per booking.

Even if you make a reservation for someone else and do not stay yourself, you must comply with these conditions.

You must be 18 years of age or older to make a reservation with us and you must be 18 years of age or older to stay alone. If a guest arrives at Bed and Breakfast Uden-Zuid and is younger than 18, the guest is not allowed to stay alone. We can ask for photo identification (a driver's license or passport) as proof of age, and if the guest cannot show this to the satisfaction of Bed and Breakfast Uden-Zuid, we can cancel your reservation without a refund.


All payments must be made in full at the time of booking unless otherwise notified by us.

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation if we have not successfully received payment from the guest.

If your reservation is not payable in full at the time of booking, we will ask for your debit or credit card details at the time of booking and we will charge the debit or credit card for the total cost of the stay of the reservation if you does not arrive. Payment must be made on arrival and must be done (in persona only) using the payment card used to make the reservation. We do not accept payments by phone, cash, fax or cheque.

Arrival, departure and transfer.

You can check-in after 3:00 PM on the scheduled arrival date, unless you purchase an extra early check-in option with your reservation or directly at the hotel, always subject to availability.

You must check out before the time specified in your confirmation email on the scheduled departure date, unless you purchase an additional late check out with your reservation or directly at the hotel, always subject to availability. If you do not check out before 11:00 AM, we may charge you extra for one night's stay for the applicable room(s) at that time.

We have a relocation policy. If a room is not available on arrival, we agree to:

Provide a room at a third party bed and breakfast/hotel and pay the reasonable cost of transportation to that alternative hotel or any applicable parking charges; or at your request or, if in our reasonable opinion no suitable alternative accommodation is available, cancel your reservation and refund you the money paid in advance for the unavailable room(s), including associated food and beverage extras. Additional charges over and above the original cost of the reservation will be paid by us (ie difference in room rates, reasonable transportation and parking charges). Maximum 50 Euro in total. Liability for theft, loss and damage.

We accept no liability in the event of theft, loss or damage to your goods.


Pets are not allowed.


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If there is a conflict or discrepancy between the Dutch text of these General Terms and Conditions and any translation thereof into another language, the Dutch text will take precedence.